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Purple Panchi: Ethnic Glamour

08 Apr 2019
by Brand Administrator
Purple Panchi

Once in a while, we outgrow our ragged jeans and shirt and make efforts to flaunt our feminine side. For some, it’s already an acquired style, but for many, it’s just a spur-of-the-moment thing to doll up and dress like a fashionista. As we tend to dress only for the occasion, it’s better to pick up clothes that would highlight our personality and bring out the best in us. Well, there’s no need to wait because Purple Panchi is the brand that we are all looking for.


Purple Panchi is the brainchild of the designer, Malvika Gupta. It is a prestigious line of hand stitched, embroidered and block printed Indian ethnic wear. These elegant and timeless fashion pieces are proof that Indian arts and culture have come a long way and they are here to stay. The brand mostly features in - Anarkalis, Dresses, Dupattas, Kurta sets, Shararas, and Skirts with exclusive prints that you’ll find only at Purple Panchi.

Maxi Dress


Wearing a maxi dress by Purple Panchi is like giving your self a debut on all the ordinary things in life. In-style classic is the perfect way to describe the Block printed dresses made by Purple Panchi. Her dresses are made of pure cotton that provides an effortless, but elegant look. The designs are not too tight and not too loose for the wearer. Maxi dresses are easy to wear and gives enough confidence as you stroll around on that extra long skirt. Wear it with flats, heels or whatever your mood suits you, and it’ll work out just fine.  

Kurta & Palazzo


For a more casual, yet glamorous style, Purple Panchi Kurta and Palazzo are the best things there is. Be carefree and let the dress work for you all throughout the day. Summer is fast approaching and there’s no way that you’ll leave without one of the pure cotton kurta & Palazzo from Purple Panchi. Pair it with the right accessories and you can go from sleek and classy to trendy and chic. 



Who says that Kurtas are exclusively for festive wear? The fact is, Kurtas bring hype, color and a dash of power to women who wear them. There are three reasons why you should own a Purple Panchi Kurta. First, they use light materials that are comfortable to wear. Second, the colors are just fabulous and it’s easy to mix and match with your favorite pants. Lastly, it’s a smart casual classic and you can bring it along in a casual dinner. 


Purple Panchi has new sets of collection every season and they are truly worth the price. Take a rest from ordinary geometrical prints and set your spirit free with these culture-rich collections. Purple Panchi is more than just a clothing line. It is where art and fashion collide to form an exceptional and refreshing piece of garments. 


Alkemy: Modern Revival of Handloom Clothing

05 Apr 2019
by Brand Administrator

Indian handloom fabrics are one of the country’s pride and benchmark. Handloom products were a success in the early history of India, but with the development of technology and advances by automated fabric makers, the livelihood of native handloom makers has almost vanished. It was only recently when politicians in India campaigned for the rehabilitation of the nation’s rich culture. Young entrepreneurs have seen the potential of handloom fabrics in India and a strong will to help rebuild the traditional handloom woven fabrics, they’ve used it to make a more contemporary style of clothing. 


Alkemy is one of the brands who believes in the potential of handloom products in the local market. The brand was founded by a group of free-spirited, innovative designers. They collaborated to make up a quirky blend of modernity and tradition. The brand caters to both men and women. Delivering high-quality hand loomed jackets, clothing and customized goods. They often make use of organic malkha fabric and block print designs to create long jackets and vests. 


Although handloom fabrics are strongly associated with tradition, the Alkemy clothing line is not just limited to formal wears. They have a variety of styles and designs to choose from, which can also be worn casually. Each design is carefully thought of and the color combinations are ideally fantastic. Some people have noticed that Alkemy creations have a tad of resemblance to royal Indian outfits, primarily because such clothing, be it a dupatta, saree or kurta, are usually made from precious handloom fabrics.   


One of their best features is the Jute art jackets. They are more like men and women’s old style vest, but with a hint of present day fashion sense.  The newest on their rack is the Dabu in Indigo print. The most interesting part is that this fabric was block printed using clay. There’s nothing more creative than that. Alkemy used this early type of fabric to create modern looking kurta and polo shirts for men. Because they are primarily made up of cotton, they are light weight and comfortable to wear. Now you can easily wear long sleeve polo shirts despite the sizzling summer weather in India.    


Alkemy’s creativity doesn’t stop at plain clothing. They also make bow ties, cushion covers, bags, and accessories. You can see cushion covers made by Alkemy at The Rabbit Hole store in Indiranagar while accessories and jewelry are available at Kitschdii. Most of the time, Alkemy joins the fun in Sunday Soul Sante, where you can find almost all of their products at their stall. 


The people behind Alkemy have succeeded in reviving the old tradition of making handloom clothing. Due to their hard work and motivation, those who have thought of handloom as a dying industry are once again inspired to create new, culture-rich traditional fabrics. If it weren’t for them, the millennial community wouldn’t be able to experience the feel of a true traditional wear. Alkemy is looking forward to bring out more of handloom jackets and clothing designs in the upcoming months. Let’s support our own, so that the natives would find the purpose to pass on their talents to the succeeding generations.  


JODI: Colour My World

03 Apr 2019
by Brand Administrator

Say Namaste to JODI!

In contrast to the perennial summer weather in the city, JODI’s line of clothing is definitely cool. Let your days brighten up with the rich and vibrant colors of off-beat designs of T-shirt dresses, culottes, pencil skirts, crop shirts and pencil dresses. Motifs like fat Cherrapunji rain clouds about to burst, geometric prints, pineapple block prints and other fun and cute, yet non-clichéd Indian motifs in contemporary silhouettes are a sight to behold.

Started by ex-Elle stylists Gauri Verma and Karuna Laungani, JODI’s amazingly young and modern look of handloom clothes and vibrant hand-block prints brings new color to fashion and lifestyle that’s simply adorable, yet affordable. The collaboration was a result of a shared love for craft, culture, fashion and travel. Giving a new lease of life to local craft techniques, they hope to bring a line of women’s clothing label and lifestyle at par with globally recognizable aesthetic. Central to their design aesthetics are the pairing of colors, prints, and patterns, hence the name JODI.

JODI’s collection of drop-waist dresses, skirts, and pleated much-loved-like tops will certainly fill you with the urge to frolic on a grassy riverbank on a warm sunny day.

Rosewood and Olive Collection

Olive is a symbol of abundance, glory, and peace. Picked from the diverse Mediterranean culture, the collection consists of easy, stylish pieces. Think of spiced kebabs splattered with hints of olive oil, whirling Dervishes, Persian carpets, the smell of camphor on lazy evenings and hookahs.

Rosewood Lila off- Shoulder Blouse and Rosewood Mini Skirt


In rich burgundy hue, the blouse is crafted from lightweight cotton, designed to frame your shoulders and with an elastic neckline for a secure fit. Pair this piece with a Rosewood skirt of cotton-blend twill, A-line shape, and zip detail on both sides for a head-turner look.  

Olive Double Slit Kurta

Made from breathable textured cotton fabric, its loose high neck with two front slits and novel sleeve detailing.Olive%20Double%20Slit%20Kurta.jpg?155575

This handblocked kurta is made from breathable textured cotton that’s perfect to lounge around with. Featuring a loose high neck with two, front slits and novel sleeve detailing, it goes along well with loose trousers or culottes for a stunning summer dressing.

 Kuro – Shiro Collection

These are Japanese words meaning, black for Kuro and white for Shiro. This is the essence of Kuro-Shiro collection. Yin-Yang: a little of everything to make our lives a little of everything. Too much or too less kills the flavor, but in the right amount, it enhances them. 

Kuro Peasant Dress


Featuring a collar with a tassel tie up on the neck, adjustable tassel tie up on waist and bishop sleeves, this much loved piece was featured as one of the best looks on Elle.in.   

Shiro Brushstroke Palazzo


Palazzo pants that provide roomy and comfy fit goes with just about anything and everything. Elasticated at the waist with fancy detailing at the bottom, it looks cool with a crop top or simply pairs it with your favorite Kurta for a complete look.

Pure Ghee Designs: Bags for All Seasons

01 Apr 2019
by Brand Administrator
Pure Ghee Designs

Pure Ghee Designs is a fashion accessory brand that makes stylish bags using rare, but valuable fabrics. These materials came from the culture rich parts of India and are personally handpicked by Aditi Prakash, the founder of this label. In 2010, one of Aditi’s artisan presented a dabba or a tin can filled with pure ghee – a native Indian butter. For her, it was the greatest gift of all times because it represents patriotism, quality, and purity. These are the traits that she wanted for her products. Aditi wanted the native arts and crafts to be known to different countries to showcase India’s culture and creativity. 


All their crafted bags are made of unusual fabrics such as Kitschy lungis from Hyderabad and Cochin, Gamcha from the Bihar, Ajrak from Bhuj and Shamiana textile. Out of these beautiful materials, Pure Ghee Designs has produced an array of colorful bags that conforms to high-quality standards. They are even shipped to different countries such as the United Kingdom and France.  


Through the years, Aditi has been keen on fabric scraps and she didn’t want to waste any of them. As a result, she came up with the idea of the Tutti Frutti range. It is an art of putting the textile scraps together to create signature charms for her Pure Ghee bags. This smart strategy has provided the women of traditional communities with sustainable income which can help provide for their family. It has been six years and Pure Ghee continues to help a community of workers to strive for a better life. Due to her outstanding entrepreneurial works, Aditi has been shortlisted for the Young Creative Entrepreneur award by the British Council.  


At this moment, the brand concentrates on producing chic looking bags using native fabrics with extensive details and high-end finish. They aim to accessorize their clients without overspending and they have fulfilled this goal ever since they started. The brand features all sorts of bags such as classic totes, sling bags, cosmetic pouches and travel jewelry case. Aside from these, Pure Ghee Designs also create festive bags including Ghataa potlis, Kumbh potlis, Gajra Potlis, Alingan potlis and Utsav bag. These are made of traditional textiles and present the Indian aesthetics. The traditional crafts have long been forgotten but through Pure Ghee Designs, they all found their place in the modern world.  

Every season, they release a new collection of bag designs and it makes us all excited because the collections are different from one another. Because the brand focuses on quality rather than quantity, their products offer a unique experience as there may only be one of each kind. The items may not be there to last forever, so hurry up now and see the latest trends on their site. They also have retail stores across India. You may visit the Kamala Shop in Delhi, O.M.O in Mumbai, Amethyst in Chennai, Tuk Tuk in Goa and The Secret Garden and Anonym in Hyderabad for Pure Ghee in-house products.