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Voxpop: A Box Full of Pop

23 Jul 2019

We are generally a fan of something. It could be an old rock band, an anime, a singer or a movie. Some people take pride of their fandom by wearing something that is associated with the brand while others own pieces of collectibles which remind them of their iconic characters. If you’re asking where to find clothing, gift items, garments and accessories with fun prints of your favorite particulars, then Voxpop is the right place to be. Here you’ll see a wide variety of functional items with the most interesting brands, fictional characters and more. 

Voxpop is literally a box of everything pop. It is founded by Siddharth Taparia, a Harvard graduate who had a broad range of experience in merchandising and licensing. He was a former Executive Director of the famous Walt Disney Company. As he advances through life, Siddharth created this online clothing brand that everyone can relate to. Through Voxpop, people are able to speak their mind, voice out their attitude and tell their stories. Now you can show the world what you believe in and make yourself know just how you wanted it to be. On their site, you will be able to browse their products depending on your preferred brand or theme so that you won’t get lost on their wide selection of items. 

Men’s Clothing

In this category, you’ll find full sleeve, half sleeve, short sleeve and premium T-shirts that are specifically designed for men. You are about to discover a huge collection of the world’s favorite characters which you can find in the Game of Thrones, The Avengers, Star Wars, Call of Duty as well as the renowned Hollywood personalities such as The  Rolling stones, The Beatles, WWE Superstars and a lot more. Aside from shirts, you will also enjoy wearing Voxpop shorts, pajamas, and joggers with awesome prints and designs.


Women’s Clothing 

Voxpop women’s clothing offers casual wears for women and teens. You can find shirts of different sleeve lengths, colorful skirts, and skin tight leggings. Young girls will love the Disney characters, Looney Tunes, Harry Potter, and Barbie printed tees while more mature women will be dazzled by Marilyn Monroe, The Simpsons and Sherlock themed shirts.


Accessories and Gift Items 

There’s so much to explore in Voxpop accessories. They have a collection of card holders, bags, socks, keychains, mobile cases, caps, wallets Mac book Decals, laptop skins and Ipad sleeves. They even have homeware items that you can use to personalize your home such as cushions and neck pillows. Voxpop accessories is also an ideal gift option for a friend or a loved one who has been a huge fan of a prominent brand. 


Toys and Collectibles

Here’s for the avid collectors out there who wants to keep a memorabilia of their idols. Voxpop toys and collectibles consist of action figures, plush clip-ons, posters, fridge magnet, coffee mugs and stickers of famous cartoon and fictional characters. They also have plush Toys and 3D puzzles for young children to play. 



Your outfit of the day won’t be complete without these nice slippers from Voxpop. Get yourself a footwear with your favorite superheroes, such as Batman, Superman, and the Avengers and let them take you to where you want to go. 


For anyone who has been inspired by a character or simply a fan of anything from movies or music, Voxpop is the one brand that you should be aware of. They produce 100% authentic clothing with licensed prints and trademarks of your most valued brands. Whatever you choose from their collection, it’s important to let yourself be you and wear something that speaks of what you believe in.

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Twach. Sense the touch

22 Jul 2019

Taste. Sound. Glance. Aroma. Touch. Each of the five senses brings new feelings into every moment of our life. Every new sensation makes our existence brighter. We do not see the world. We do not listen to the world. We do not taste the world. We feel it with every inch of our bodies. And the feelings we get determine the way we live. Be conscious. Sense everything around you. Even the slightest touch.


The slightest touch of a super stylish backpack, clutch, tote or wallet made by TWACH company will make you feel elegant. TWACH founded in 2014, is a company based in Karnataka, India.  It manufactures natural leather accessories that are handcrafted using the finest materials. TWACH gets its inspiration from cultures and lifestyles of different people that make each TWACH product’s owner feel cosmopolitan anywhere.

Men’s TWACH collection

Twach collection for men includes unisex backpacks, totes, and wallets ― accessories that express their owners’ individuality and character. 
For passionate travelers, TWACH offers its Unisex Wayfarer Laptop Backpack. Super convenient, made of cotton and genuine leather it may easily room lots of things you need both for traveling and everyday life. With such multi functional backpack equipped with practical pockets and laptop compartment, padded backside and YKK Metal Zipper traveling will always be as easy as a pie. 


Busy city dwellers should pay their attention to TWACH totes. These unisex bags are perfect to hold your lightweight essentials as they have spacious pad and laptop compartments, numerous pockets. Made in a minimalist style TWACH totes have a pleasant option. You may carry them or sling them.  


TWACH leather wallets are worth mentioning, too. Noble colors combined with multipurpose slots and compartments make another unforgettable sensation out of touching the wallets. Original design lets everyone find a great wallet to his taste.


Women’s TWACH collection

TWACH wants people to get only positive feelings and emotions. And lucky are women! As it will be impossible for them to stay indifferent looking at fashionable backpacks, totes, and clutches by TWACH.

Pay your attention to this Avantgarde Denim Backpack! Besides usual for TWACH high-quality leather and solid zippers, this backpack has an innovative changeable design. Perfect idea for a present, isn’t it?


If you want to get something more formal, TwachBlau Leather Tote is what you need. This glamorous classic leather tote with a large single compartment will bring its owner the sensation of being on top. 


 The tote has a mini partner. It is TWACH box clutch of universal tan and black colors. With these clutches going out somewhere spontaneously right after a hard working day is not a problem.


Freedom! This feeling has inspired TWACH to design its avant-garde clutches of two variations: ikat and denim. No matter which one you will choose. Both are just cool!

Live! Feel the world! Sense it! And let all the sensations be as pleasant as the touch to stunning TWACH accessories. 

The WrapCraft: Every Bag Has A Story!

21 Jul 2019
The Wrap Craft

What makes an outfit look complete? Accessories! Wallets, backpacks, clutches, sling bags… If we will continue naming all the existing kinds of bags there will be no space left to describe a unique haberdashery brand with the artisans able to make even cords look classic and stylish.


The WrapCraft is a design workshop created in 2015 in New Delhi. The workshop specializes in crafting high-quality leather goods such as bags, wallets, pouches, mobile covers, key holders, and others. The brands know-how in wrapping the cords with leather, different colors, patterns and embroideries are a distinguishing feature that you’ll never mix them up with anybody else’s. 
The WrapCraft products combine originality and quality as the workshop’s artisans use only genuine leather that gets a particular finishing. Thus each bag, each wallet, each piece of The WrapCraft production gets a unique story of its own.

The WrapCraft collections

The WrapCraft workshop manufactures various styles of bags. Here you may find super functional mini backpacks, neat flap slings, comfortable bucket slings, hobos and tote bags. The WrapCraft bags can enliven your everyday look as well as your party outfit.

The workshop’s box slings and mini flap slings of black and tan colors would satisfy the tastes of those girls who are fond of small accessories. These WrapCraft bags are made of genuine leather that is perfectly sized for you to put into the things you need. There always will be some room for your lipstick, wallet, keys, and cellphone.  Besides being extremely pleasant to touch, the bags are very functional as they have adjustable leather shoulder straps and easy-access leather pockets with metal zippers. Nothing will get lost here!


If you need something of a bigger size have a look at the WrapCraft’s mini backpack or a bucket bag made of full-grain leather. Such bags are undergoing their revival. Catch the moment! Universal black and tan colors, trendy classic design combined with sterling finishing. It will be difficult to put aside these WrapCraft bags as they are so cute! By the way, with The WrapCraft backpacks, you will be able to hug your friends with your both arms!


Do you need something more classic and spatial? The WrapCraft’s tote and hobo bags for everyday usage with open and zipper pockets, top magnet and zipper closures that are lined with soft natural fabrics, will make you feel happy because of the necessity to carry so much but in such a gorgeous bag.


The WrapCraft’s collection of wallets and pounces is definitely worth speaking about. The high-quality leather of classic colors is used to create elegant accessories that will become timeless. Equipped with open pockets, card holders, and coin pockets there is a plenty of room even for your cell-phone. 


Needless to say that all WrapCraft’s leather accessories like mini organizers, wristlets, passport cases, laptop bags and cable holders are of sophisticated and practical design perfect to be with you while you are making a story of your own with accessories that already have their story.

The Stiff Collar: Define yourself!

20 Jul 2019
The Stiff Collar

Impeccably clean shoes…  Ideally pressed trousers…  Stylish shirt… Elegant collar… Entrancing perfume smell… Here we are not describing any of James Bonds or other cine-love laces. That is a picture of you! Yes! You as a gentleman able to charm any woman if dressed in an exquisite shirt from The Stiff Collar Company.

The Stiff Collar Company was created in 2011 in India by a group of four friends. The friends made up their mind to establish a shirt brand that will add not only a sense of chic but also certain uniqueness to every man interested. As one of the Stiff Collar Company founders, Mr. Kabir Hingorani, puts it - the main idea of the company is to offer men not only class, elegance, and style, but a personality and a character in every shirt the company creates.

You may ask “Why a Stiff Collar” if the company produces shirts. Stiff Collar is the symbol of truly British style, the only one that comprises perfect quality, ideal design and makes any outfit look sterling.

 Indian art series designer shirts

The Stiff Collar managed to combine British elegance and Indian liveliness and charisma in its collection of Indian ethnic art shirts. 


These shirts as every other one by The Stiff Collar are made of 100% cotton fabric that can be worn for different occasions and in different weather. The fine fabric is inlaid with contrast designs that reflect rich Indian culture and history. Such shirts are a treasure imaging ethnic Kalamkari, Kutchi Ajrakh and Warlihand-prints. Such treasure needs gentle handling and soft wash because of the natural fabric and vegetable dyes used. 

In Harmony with Nature - the Great Outdoors

There lives a warrior in any man. And The Stiff Collar knows it.  They’ve prepared a military style collection for you to make you look so manly. The shirts from this collection are made of super breathable cotton twill perfectly suitable for outdoor adventures. Ample and inner pockets, brass buttons, night reflectors… Moreover, the Great Outdoors collection includes sleeveless vest format and half sleeves format. Isn’t it a perfect balance between practicality and style? 


Adorable French Cuff Shirts

Getting ready for a meeting in a restaurant? Choose The Stiff Collar’s collection of French cuff shirts. An excellent fall and drape of cotton French shirts, as well as a nice opportunity to obtain free silk knots and stainless steel collar stays, will make your mood better before an important meeting.


Business Wear Cotton Shirts

If you are on your way to success working hard for a business company get the Stiff Collar’s business collection of shirts. You will never have to worry about which shirt to put on as they all are equally perfect. Perfect English styling, perfect finishing, a wide range of perfect weaves will make you look perfect!


Collar Free: Liberate yourself

We all need rest. If you think that shirts are designed to work only, you are mistaking! Classical Indian collar free shirts (also known as Nehru or Chinese collar) adorned with bright ethnic ornaments will become your only hope during boiling hot summer days. 


The Stiff Collar is a unique company that managed to combine the best of what shirt industry may offer. Don’t miss the chance to underline your originality! Put on your Stiff Collar!

The Sole Sisters: A Rewarding Treat for Your Feet

19 Jul 2019
The Sole Sisters

An average person with a moderately active lifestyle can take approximately 7000 steps a day. This might be good for men, but this could be very stressful for women who walk on their heels most of the time. Your feet also need some fresh air as much as you do, so why not reward your feet with the most comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear every day in any occasion. 

2.jpg?1560503941000The Sole Sisters creates an extraordinary pair of slip-on that isn’t only comfortable to wear but are head turners too. It is created by the former blogger, Chondamma Cariappa who took her passion for shoes to the next level. She launched The Sole Sisters on September 26, 2010, for women who value quality and comfort.  Filled with ideas from her blogs, Chondamma created a footwear which appeals to the wearer and the people around. She wanted something that Chondamma, herself, will adore so she used pure genuine leather in all her creations. With the combination of hand-dyed and hand-crafted Ikat fabric, she was able to make a unique and colorful series of slip-on that all women would love to wear. Because ikat fabric has an asymmetric design, each pair is completely different to one another, even if they are of the same color. The graphic and random patterns on the slippers add style and individuality to each pair. 

Below are our top picks from The Sole Sisters’ collection: 

1.    Stripe Khadi Sandals – The handcrafted Khadi sandals is a new addition to their collection and it looks lovely with the stripes and checkered design. The front leather strap makes it even more classy, thus appropriate for semi-formal or smart-casual wears.
2.    Hippie Soles – These are stunningly gorgeous pair of slip-on. Each one is carefully handcrafted and detailed to perfection. Even famous personalities are fascinated with such wonderful creation. 

3.    Tribal Sole – Get your feet on the ground with this toe ring sandals! It has an ethnic touch which makes it a good match to a traditional wear but looks equally good with your daily casual attire. Because it is made of leather, you can be sure that it’s durable under any condition – be it a sunny or rainy season. 


4.    Ikat Leather Heels – This pair of ikat heels are absolutely gorgeous. They are so stylish, you can wear it with a dress or slacks and be as feminine as you can be. The ikat fabric makes it a balanced footwear – not too formal and not too bold.


5.    Ikat Buckle sandals – The Sole Sisters’ hand crafted buckle sandals will make you feel confident and secure while keeping that chic, feminine look. Buckled sandals never go out of style and so do you.


The Sole Sisters is a shoe brand made out of passion so everything that comes from them is truly being crafted from soul to sole. Regardless of how many steps you take every single day, what’s important is that you keep moving forward, just like Chondamma with The Sole Sisters.