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3 hairstyling trend 2020

Retro is returning to fashion, and the hairstyling trend that women did at different times will be equally popular: in the “roaring 20s” and in the dashing 90s.

We’ll tell you about three trendy styling in 2020.

Mousses and foams

Hairstyling trend: Radar

In 2020, waves of all stripes will be fashionable: light, airy, slightly messy, dense, structural, voluminous, along the entire length or from the middle of the strand.

Before you start doing this styling, you need to apply a thermal protective agent to the hair. Then grab the strand with the tongs in the middle and wrap it around the appliance. Then count five seconds and gently release the strand. Thus, wind all the hair. For a more voluminous styling, the wrapping should be started from the roots of the hair, to give an accent – from the middle of the strand or only at the ends.

Fixing can be done with a strong fixation varnish.

Hairstyle, like the charleston dancers.  Photo:
Hairstyle, like the charleston dancers. Photo:

Fleece tail

Tails will be popular this year. Highlights of the hairstyle are massive hairpins with beads or suede elastic bands. However, the tail can become more interesting not only thanks to accessories, another option is to make a comb.

To create volume in the root zone, it is worth using professional styling products, for example. It is necessary to apply a spray to wet washed hair, evenly distributing in the basal zone. Then dry your hair using brushing and a hairdryer.

During drying, you need to try to create a basal volume. Next, you need to separate the strand on the top and carefully, using a comb with natural bristles, make a comb on this strand. Fix the hair on the back of the head with invisibles, fix the hair with varnish, and collect the remaining hair in the tail.

Tail with volume in the root zone.  Photo
Tail with volume in the root zone. Photo

Wet hair effect

Wet hair is a timeless trend. To create such a styling, only ultra strong fixation gel will be needed.

First, you need to slightly dry your wet hair, then apply a little gel to the strands. Knead the hair with your hands and, pressing it to the head, blow dry with a hairdryer with a diffuser.

Styling with the effect of wet hair.  Photo
Styling with the effect of wet hair. Photo

3 hairstyling trend 2020

  1. The radio waves. To create this styling, you need strong fixation varnish, ironing, and thermal protection.
  2. Tail. You can make it fleece by increasing the volume at the roots.
  3. The effect of wet hair. To create this styling you will need an ultra-strong fixation gel.

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