5 new Samsung products: flagships, experiments and updated models

Samsung annually presents new devices. This time, the presentation presented three updated smartphones from the S20 line, the Galaxy Buds + wireless headphone model, and the result of an experiment with fading screens – the folding Z Flip.

We show the characteristics of new products, their differences from previous models, as well as talk about the pros and cons.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Flexible Glass Smartphone

Z Flip is the second folding smartphone from Samsung. Its design and main feature is a bendable screen that evokes a slight nostalgia and brings us back to the time of “folding beds”.

The smartphone resembles a folding mirror, which is convenient to carry in your pocket or bag. A swivel mechanism is integrated inside so that the device can be laid out. The opening angle can be controlled independently. Folding it is not very convenient – with one hand it is difficult to do.

When unfolded, the frameless screen reaches 6.7 inches. The case is protected by ultra-thin UTG glass, which is stronger than plastic.

There is a dual screen mode, multiple active windows mode, notifications can be configured individually.

The front camera is mortise, at 10 megapixels. The main camera consists of two 12MP sensors, which is enough to get high-quality photos and videos. The phone also has a 3300 mA dual battery.

The smartphone will be presented in several colors: “shining amethyst”, “black diamond” and even gold.

Features: enlarged display, 12 MP main camera, additional protection with ultra-thin glass. Of the minuses – it is inconvenient to fold it, especially with one hand. High price.

S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra

Flagship ruler

The main feature of the new smartphones is the camera. The S20 and S20 + have 64 MP, and the S20 Ultra – 108 MP. Thanks to this jump in pixels, the light capture and the quality of the final image are increased in the camera.

The highest possible video quality on new smartphones is 8K. This is two times more than previous models.

Zoom also increased. In the first two models, its value is 30x, and in the Galaxy S20 Ultra – 100x. Moreover, the manufacturer says that even the maximum zoom does not affect the quality of the photo. 

The S20 + has an additional ToF sensor, which increases the depth of field and improves the quality of portrait photos.

Galaxy S20 Ultra gives the transition from ultra-high resolution to standard – at 12 megapixels. With this function, you can get the most clear shots even in low light conditions. Less noise and better nighttime shots are guaranteed.

RAM is standard for modern smartphones – 8 GB for S20, 12 GB for S20 + and 16 GB for S20 Ultra. The amount of basic internal memory is 128 GB, the maximum amount is 256 GB.

Models have different screen diagonal values. From the youngest to the oldest: 6.2 inches, 6.7 inches and 6.9 inches. The screen refresh rate is 120 Hz. The battery size also differs. In the Galaxy S20, it is 4000 mA, in the Galaxy S20 + charging at 4500 mA. The highest value is the Galaxy S20 Ultra: 5000 mA. It will be possible to charge the gadget once every two to three days.

Ultrasound fingerprint scanner. It is built into the screen display. Thanks to special technology, the scanner works even if the finger is wet, dirty or greasy.

Features: improved cameras with zoom in the 30s and 100s, a large battery capacity, several diagonal values ​​- from compact to widescreen. There is an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. You can take night pictures and shoot videos in 8K.

Samsung Galaxy Buds +

Wireless headphones

Galaxy Buds + differs from the previous Galaxy Buds model in improved sound quality. Now each headphone has two dynamic drivers – for deeper bass and clean top notes.

The updated headphones significantly increased battery life. The manufacturer claims eleven hours of continuous operation – this is twice as much as the existing options for Galaxy Buds. However, due to the increased performance, the weight of each earphone has also grown: from 5.6 to 6.3 grams.

Improved fast charge technology. Now five minutes in the case is enough for almost two hours of work.

Galaxy Buds + models can connect to two devices at once. To connect headphones with iOS, you will need a special application.

The headphones also have built-in splash protection.

Features: two dynamic drivers in each earphone, increased battery life. Fast charging is even faster. You can connect to two devices, there is protection against splashes. The disadvantages include the increased weight of each earphone.

What you need to know about the latest Samsung Products

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a fashionable folding smartphone for nostalgic memories, the Samsung Galaxy S20 line brought global changes to mobile shooting, and the Samsung Galaxy Buds + boasts great autonomy.

Which gadget would you choose for yourself?

  1. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip  – an enlarged display, the main camera – 12 megapixels, the gadget is inconvenient to fold with one hand.
  2. The S20, S20 +, and  S20 Ultra flagship line include improved cameras with zoom in the 30s and 100s, a large battery capacity, several diagonal values, an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, night shots, and video quality of 8K.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Buds + wireless headphones can be connected to two devices, are splash-proof, charge even faster, but they weigh more.

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