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5 popular myth associated with smartphones

Almost everyone has a smartphone, and some even have a personal and work one. In addition, people use laptops, smartwatches or e-books. Since the advent of gadgets, many have talked about their dangers. Especially about how negatively affect smartphones on the body. We tell you about some of the myth.

Smartphones Myth number 1. Gadgets are harmful to health.

Gadgets appeared about twenty years ago. And since then there has not been a single proven scientific theory that smartphones are harmful to human health.

For all the time, the only minus was revealed when using smartphones – the person’s memory is deteriorating, since he writes all the important information to the gadget. Thus, people make less use of the potential of the brain.

Since gadgets now store information, it can easily disappear – if you lose or break your smartphone. In order not to lose such necessary data, everything important is better to keep in the cloud storage.The smartphone can be used as a notebook, calculator and planner.

Smartphones Myth number 2. You can not talk on the phone while it is charging

Some people think that a smartphone can explode if you talk on it while charging. Such a judgment arose because of the story, which was covered in detail in many media. In fact, the incident with the exploding phone was almost the only one.

However, many users are waiting for the smartphone to fully charge. They do not pull it out of the socket until the charge level is exactly 100%. However, now a new generation of batteries is being installed in gadgets – lithium-ion batteries. They can be disconnected from charging at any time. In this case, you can charge your smartphone and simultaneously talk on it.

Many smartphones are equipped with special controllers that stop the charging process automatically when the mark reaches 100%. So the battery will not be recharged.  A phone with a 2500–3000 mAh battery can work all day without recharging at medium loads.

Smartphones Myth number 3. During the flight, the smartphone must be turned off

On airplanes, flight attendants usually ask passengers to turn off all electronic devices or put them into airplane mode. However, this should be done only when the aircraft takes off and lands. It was at this time that pilots needed a clear connection between the cockpit and controllers on the ground so that they could give instructions on how to move the plane.

For the rest of the flight, you can use devices. The smartphone will not catch the signal of the telecommunication towers, but it can catch the wave of one of the satellites, which moves in low Earth orbit. This way you will see your exact location on the maps if you enable the location.

Smartphones Myth 4. You can not keep a smartphone near the bed

None of the studies regarding the connection between oncology and the harm from gadgets has confirmed this assumption.

Nevertheless, mobile phone manufacturers have identified a special indicator. It characterizes the degree of exposure to electromagnetic radiation on human tissue in one second. The indicator is called the Specific Absorption Rate – Specific Absorption Rate.

We do not recommend looking for electronics on Chinese sites or at “gray” sellers. Since you cannot check the absorption coefficient yourself, you should purchase devices in official stores.

Cell phones

Myth 5. Children can do without gadgets

There are devices that are designed specifically for children. Gadgets develop logic, reaction speed and fine motor skills. With their help, the child learns to concentrate and studies the world in more detail.

For example, INOI kPhone  is a children’s smartphone with parental control. The device entertains the child and educates them. Especially for children, the experts selected the best applications in four categories: “Training”, “Games”, “Books”, “Video”.

Through this smartphone, you can remotely monitor the activity of the child – approve or block applications, view the search history, and set the time during which you can use the gadget. For example, only from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can configure it remotely from the parent phone, as well as lock or unlock such a device.

Children and adults will be interested in new VR technologies. With their help, you can conduct excursions to world attractions and at the same time do not leave your home. 

What you need to know about gadgets

  1. The harm of gadgets is not proven. There are only assumptions, but the negative impact is not confirmed.
  2. Gadgets can be recharged at any convenient time. There are no harmful emissions and rays from a smartphone that is 100% charged and still plugged in.
  3. In an airplane, the electronics must be turned off when the aircraft takes off and lands. The rest of the time you can use gadgets.
  4. Electronics purchased from authorized retailers have a safety certificate. It cannot be the cause of disease.
  5. Electronics does not harm, but helps children. Modern gadgets develop a child. With these devices, parents can monitor the safety of their children at a distance.

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