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Best Summer Perfume For Men

To feel comfortable in different situations, We’ll tell you the best summer perfume for men.

Summer dictates the conditions when choosing not only clothes and shoes, but also perfume is important. On sun-heated skin, aromas open faster and “sound” brighter, and olfactory receptors are activated. Smells that were previously practically not felt can now even annoy.

Winter aromas – warm, enveloping, bright – are completely inappropriate in the summer. In warm time, everything becomes lighter, fresher, more transparent – including perfume.  

Best Summer Perfume For Men: To the office

Office scents should be light all year round. Their main task is to emphasize individuality, but not to violate the personal space of colleagues and certainly not to distract from the work process.

If in the winter for the office you can choose woody, spicy or chypre aromas, using them in the minimum dosage, then in the summer they will be completely inappropriate. It is better to opt for citrus, oceanic, grassy, ​​aromatic odors. 

On vacation

Summer vacation involves a lot of sun, so you should take the aroma of an oceanic or grassy-green direction on a trip: the sun is “friendly” with both grass and the sea. In this perfume, notes of rosemary, sage, lotus leaves, water mint, as well as citrus overflows, are often found.

Even if you stay in the city in the summer, such a fragrance will still work.

Green Aromatic Fragrances

To the evening event

If you go to an evening event, you can afford more – especially if the evening is cool and the meeting is planned in the fresh air.

You can use the daily aroma, but apply it a little more actively, or choose a perfume brighter, as an option – citrus or oceanic composition with an interesting woody chord. In the evening, even skin and tobacco notes are appropriate.

What you need to know about applying summer perfume

  1. Light summer scents last less than winter ones.
  2. To prolong the “sound” body cream will help. It is necessary to apply a cream, milk or sunscreen with a neutral smell on a clean body and spray perfume on top. You can also apply perfume immediately after a shower – to wet skin and hair.
  3. If you are going to the beach or the open sun, it is better not to apply the product on the skin – only on wet hair.
  4. Deodorants for the summer are better to choose without fragrances – if only because they will not interfere with the “sound” of light perfume.

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