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How to choose a dog bed

The opinion that dogs are unpretentious and can sleep even on the floor is a common mistake. Animals also love the comfort and need their own place to relax. The dog bed accustoms the dog to discipline and order, so you should buy it right away so that the pet can get used to it.

Loungers differ in size and shape, rigidity, design features. They can be selected for dogs of different ages and sizes, with different behavioral characteristics, as well as taking into account the nuances of the room where the lounger will be located.

Why own a dog bed

A dog bed is a place where they will feel comfortable. Allocating personal territory to the animal is an important step in education. If you choose a comfortable sunbed and place it correctly, your pet will have a place where they will feel safe and be able to rest from people.

Own bed for a dog is a guarantee of the comfort of the owner. With a dog bed, the pet will not master chairs, sofas, and bed. He will always know where to go after feeding, walking, or playing.

For dogs of large, medium and small breeds, beds of different sizes are selected. Products may differ in shape or degree of rigidity – here you need to take into account the individual preferences of pets and their habits during sleep.

Dog beds

What are the sleeping places for dogs

Litter-blankets, rugs or mattresses are the most popular types of beds for medium and large dogs. They are inexpensive, they are convenient to clean and can be machine wash. They can be laid not only at home but also in the car. They should be dense and practical in care, keep warm, easy to fold. Usually flat and without sides, therefore suitable for large and long-legged dogs.

Sunbeds are hard plastic or soft, have sides, and are suitable for any breed of dog. It is easier to care for a plastic product: it is easily washed and does not lose shape after contact with water. On top of a hard sunbed, it is better to throw a textile cover or bedding. Soft loungers after washing can lose their original shape, therefore they require a careful attitude and may not be suitable for large animals.

A basket with a pillow inside is a shelter option with sides. It can be made of plastic or natural vines, rattan. Like many pets, but their wicker texture is easier to crack.

For dwarf breeds, buy miniature sleeping sofas with a back and sides with different padding and accessories in the kit. There are sunbeds on a wooden or metal frame in the form of a pallet with low sides, which are suitable for large and small animals. This form is convenient if the house has cold floors – the animal does not catch a cold.

Most often buy houses for small and medium breeds: terriers, pugs, spitz, dachshunds. They are not suitable for everyone: an animal above 25 cm at the withers will be crowded and uncomfortable. They are often made from soft tissue, so they will require washing and disinfection, which are difficult to carry out due to their complex shape.

What should it be the dog bed made of

As the upholstery of mattresses, pillows and bedding, it is better to choose dense materials with a light pile that do not attract dust, such as flock, velvet and furniture matting.

The thinner fabrics are easily frayed, especially if the pet likes to dig a bench. A sunbed made of synthetics will be electrified from the hair of a pet. Plush or faux fur products are only suitable for short-haired breeds that shed little.

An important factor is stuffing. It is better not to buy sunbeds with natural fillers: parasites can get into them. The best option is sintepon, holofiber, sintepuh or foam rubber.

For the most active and restless pets, the preferred option is anti-vandal dog beds that can withstand contact with teeth and claws. The most practical options are plastic: they are suitable for animals that do not restrain the urge to bladder during sleep. In case of trouble, just wash the litter.

How do they differ in form

The shape of the bed should be selected taking into account the habits of the pet and its temperament. For dogs who like to sleep curled up, round and oval sunbeds with cushions on the sides are suitable – they help a feeling of comfort and privacy. If a pet tries to stretch its legs in a dream, you can buy it a rectangular stove bench.

Practical quilted models are suitable if the pet does not always restrain urination during sleep – it is convenient to lay an absorbent diaper on them.

It is important to consider that dust and wool are constantly accumulating in sunbeds and sofas with sides; therefore, constant cleaning will be required. In a warm room or if the dog has a thick and long coat, it is better to buy open bedding, otherwise, the pet will be stuffy.

How to choose by size

To determine the desired size of the sunbed, you must first measure the pet from the tip of the tail to the nose. To this value, add 15–20 cm for a lounger with sides and 20–30 cm for a litter without sides. This will be the optimal length of the place to relax. The height of the dog from the pads of the paws to the croup is needed to determine the width of the bed: it needs to be doubled so that the pet can sleep comfortably on its side.

If you buy a couch for a puppy, you need to find out what size it will reach when it grows up. Loungers, which can be found on sale, have standard parameters:

120 × 80 cm – an option for large shepherd dogs, retriever, Great Dane and similar breeds;

110 × 70 cm – for dogs above average height: Dobermans, collies, cops;

90 × 60 cm – for spaniels, terriers, bulldogs and bassets;

70 × 50 cm – for small breeds: from fox terriers to lapdogs;

50 × 40 cm – for dwarf animals – such beds are most often made with sides and in the form of baskets.

For large breeds, it is better to first purchase a children’s version with a fairly soft base, and only then a full-fledged adult berth. For small and medium dogs, you can immediately buy a bed for growth or bedding-transformer. Periodically, you can change them as the pet grows.

Where to place the bed

It is advisable to place the couch in the place where the dog most often likes to sleep. If you need to find another option, it should be a secluded place where you rarely go, but so that the dog can observe the movements of people in the room – it will not be lonely.

It is worth placing the sunbed at a height of at least 8-10 cm from the floor so that there are no drafts. It is advisable to avoid batteries, electrical appliances, air conditioners, doors and windows – the animal may be uncomfortable. If the apartment is large, you can place several sunbeds in different rooms so that the dog has its own place everywhere.

For hot weather, there are cooling mats or mats – they have a special tab with a filler that holds cold water in itself if wetted. For cold weather, you can find heated models.

How to train a dog for a couch

Small puppies are easier to train in a certain place. When the baby is going to sleep after games and food, you need to take him to a couch – so you can mark his territory for rest. With adult dogs it is more difficult, but you can place a sunbed in the usual place for their sleep.

It is important not to scold the dog when it is on the sunbed. This is the area where she should feel safe. You must not occupy the litter with other things, and do not allow other animals to sleep in it.

How to care for the dog bed

Litter should be cleaned at least once a month, or more often: dirt and harmful microorganisms can accumulate on the surface. Replaceable covers can be used. It is important to periodically treat mattresses and pillows with steam and vacuum. You can also apply special bactericidal sprays, which eliminate the unpleasant odor and disinfect the sunbed.

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