The Basics

How to choose a hair spray or varnish

Varnishes and hair sprays are tools that help to make and maintain a styling or complex hairdo. A properly selected product can protect your hair, but poor-quality varnish or hair spray can very well spoil it.

We explain what to look for when choosing styling products.

How hairsprays and varnish differ

Sprays have a light texture – they are most often applied to slightly damp hair before hot styling. Sprays well add volume and structure the hair, often have a thermo-protective effect.

To fix the hair, it is better to choose hair spray. The varnish will not cope with this task. Varnishes are most often applied to dry hair, they are suitable even for complex evening hairstyles and styling.

What degree of fixation to choose

The degree of fixation should depend on the situation and the complexity of the hairstyle.

Extra-strong fixation is needed for complex hairstyles. This varnish is useful for a party or concert performance. It is not worth using varnish of extra strong fixation every day: it contains about 40% alcohol, which dries the hair and scalp.

The average fixation allows you to fix the volume, combed and curls. A good option, but not suitable for daily use – it contains less alcohol, but also a lot.

Light and elastic fixation is the best option for every day. Such varnishes and sprays allow you to fix simple styling on short hair and medium length hair. They do not weigh down the hair and are suitable for thin and volumeless hair.

Are professional products suitable for home use?

Professional products differ from ordinary ones in higher concentration of active substances. You can use them at home, but do not do it regularly. It is optimal to buy a professional strong fixation tool if you often do hairstyles.

For simple styling, it is better to choose the usual remedy with care components: glycerin, vitamins, panthenol, keratin, betaines, herbal extracts.

Professional varnishes and sprays

How to choose a product taking into account the condition of the hair

Different hair requires a different approach and different means. So, for brittle, thin and damaged hair it is better to choose structuring sprays: they make the hair more dense, so an additional volume appears.

For dyed hair, it is worth choosing special products with thermal protective properties and UV protection. They will help maintain color brightness.

Moisturizing sprays are suitable for dry hair. In their composition, you need to look for components that trap moisture, such as glycerin.

How to read the composition

In addition to useful caring components in the composition, it is worth looking for unwanted ones. Sulfates can negatively affect the condition of the hair – dry them.

The ambiguous attitude of professional hairdressers to silicones. On the one hand, silicones mask the flaws of the hair structure: split ends, porous texture. On the other hand, they make hair heavier because they create a film on them. A varnish or spray with silicones is undesirable, at least you should not apply it to the roots.

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