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How to choose accessories and spare parts for a bicycle

Often, professional cyclists buy a bicycle with a basic set of spare parts, and improve it on their own using various add-ons. So it turns out cheaper and more reliable.

Accessories and spare parts will make your bike ride comfortable and safe. The main thing is to know what and why you need it. 

What parts may a cyclist need

In addition to the frame, wheels, handlebars and seats, bicycles have other important spare parts. Among them are the braking system, the chain system, stars, pedals and grips.

The brake system is placed on the front and / or rear wheel, and the brake for the front wheel is usually manual.

Using a chain system, the wheels spin. The main element of the chain system is the chain. When choosing, you need to pay attention to its length and width. Changing the length is not so difficult: you need to remove the extra links or add the necessary ones. The width can no longer be changed, so the chain initially needs to be selected, focusing on the number of gears in the bike. The more gears, the narrower the chain.

Chains are called for ten, nine, eight, and another number of speeds. It is important to know that a chain, for example, for a nine-speed bike is suitable for an eight-speed bike. Please note – chains can be used for bicycles with the same or lower number of speeds.

Bicycle stars are available for all models, because these are basic parts. It is important to know – the quality and long-term operation of the chain depends on them. Reliability can be determined by the material of the spare part. Usually it is aluminum or steel. Steel stars are more expensive, but more reliable than aluminum.

Pedals can also be different. They need to be selected depending on the type of bike and the walks that it will take. There are walking, highway, special and universal pedals. Specials are needed for acrobatics, downhill and bike tricks. It’s better not to choose universal pedals, theoretically they are suitable for any model, but in practice they are not the most convenient.

To prevent your hands from slipping on the steering wheel, you can purchase grips  – special rubber pads on the steering wheel.

What parts do you have to change most often

Most often, cyclists have problems with the “eight” on the wheel, chain, brake system and tire punctures.

The Eight is a variant of the deformation of the wheel when it does not look like a perfect circle. In this case, you have to tighten the knitting needles, but if this is impossible to do, it is better to replace them. Even after replacing the needles, the problem may recur. Then you should change the rim of the bike. This is nothing complicated. The procedure is simple and inexpensive, it can be done in any workshop.

Often there are problems with the brakes. They may not work as well as required, or may not work at all. The cause of such problems is a malfunction of one of the parts of the brake system. The brake may just be loose, which can be tightened. If this does not help, it is better to contact the workshop.

The chain is the most troublesome. It often jumps-off, at the wrong time. The circuit in such cases is not always faulty. It jumps off if stones and other debris get into the mechanism, and even during a sloppy ride over bumps or heavy dirt.

Tire punctures are a common problem, especially on the roads. In general, it’s better to consider what road you have to drive before buying a wheel. There are special tires made of durable rubber, which are not so easy to pierce with thorn and even a nail.

What to look for when choosing bicycle parts

When choosing parts, make sure that they are fully consistent with the original. Therefore, it is important to know the size, type, method of mounting parts and other important technical features. For convenience, you can take the part that you need to replace with you to the store. So it will be easier to find the most similar.

Parts do not have to be branded, the main thing is that they should be identical. Often, even branded parts do not guarantee quality, so you need to choose high-quality analogues. This will save money and increase the life of the bike.

What tools do you need to care for your bike?

Each cyclist must have a set of basic tools that will help in caring for the bicycle.

There are few such tools: hex wrenches, a family wrench, squeezes for a chain, wheel mounts and a camera repair kit.

Hex keys are multifunctional. They are needed to remove the attachment, adjust the brakes and speeds of the bike. The family key combines several different holes that replace different keys, which greatly saves space. The squeeze for the chain comes in handy if the chain suddenly breaks. With this tool, you can get the links that are damaged, and shorten the chain.

A repair kit will never be redundant because a puncture is a frequent breakdown. To inflate the tire, it is recommended that you always carry a pump with you.

What accessories will help make cycling more comfortable

There are a large number of bicycle accessories that will help make the trip on it more comfortable.

You can attach a bell, a flashlight, a mirror, a basket, and a bicycle odometer to the handlebars of a bicycle. The steering wheel mirror works on the same principle as in a car; in the basket, you can carry larger things and small items; The bike odometer will show the travel time and the number of kilometers that you have traveled. A flashlight is needed to illuminate the road. It is powerful, runs on batteries, and is securely mounted on the steering wheel.

On the rear wheel you can attach an automatic footrest for parking. Above the wheel you can install a trunk or a child seat.

You can also attach accessories to the frame. There are jar holders and small tool cases.

There is a separate category – protection. It includes helmets, elbow pads and knee pads to protect different parts of the body.

What accessories help organize bike storage

The fasteners for the walls will help organize bicycle storage. They are screwed with screws and a bicycle is hung on them.

When you need to park your bike in a public place, special locks will help. They can be opened with a code or key.


How to care for your bike so that you have to change parts as little as possible

Caring for a bicycle should be regular – you need to constantly check the technical condition of the bicycle and immediately eliminate the deficiencies that you were able to detect.

Every day you should check the brakes and steering wheel. The brake should apply instantly. The steering wheel should be located at a convenient height, and all its mountings should be firmly tightened. After each trip, you need to check the tire pressure and adjust it to a comfortable level.

Every week you need to check all fasteners, tighten and lubricate them.

It is important to keep an eye on the sprockets, rims and knitting needles. They must be intact, without damage. The chain must be lubricated and always tensioned.

Do not store your bike in a damp environment – rust may appear on it.


What to remember

  1. In addition to the frame, wheels, handlebars, and seats, bicycles have other important spare parts. Among them are the braking system, the chain system, stars, pedals, and grips.
  2. Most often, cyclists have problems with the “eight” on the wheel, chain, brake system, and tire punctures.
  3. When choosing replacement parts, the main thing is that they fully correspond to the original ones.
  4. Each cyclist must have a set of basic tools that will help in caring for the bicycle. The set consists of hex keys, a family key, a squeeze for a chain, an assembly for wheels, and items for repair.
  5. There are a large number of accessories for a bicycle that will help make the trip on it more comfortable.
  6. When choosing parts, the main thing is that they fully correspond to the original ones. They may not be branded, the main thing is to be identical.
  7. To have to change parts less often, you need to monitor the technical condition of the bike.

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