The Basics

How to choose basketball accessories and supplies

Basketball is a team game in which participants fight for the ball to throw it into the opponent’s ring. This kind of sport needs special equipment.

Mandatory items for the game – a ball, a shield with a stand and a ring.

What should be the shield and stand

A basketball backboard is placed on the street or in the hall. If the shield will stand on the street, it must withstand weather conditions – temperature changes and humidity.

The classic size of the shield is 180 × 105 cm.

Shields are made of acrylic, organic glass and plywood. They are colored and transparent. Marking on the surface is applied with black or white paint – a contrasting color, which is visible from the other end of the site.

Racks for flaps are also stationary. They are fixed in one place. There are lightweight mobile models that can be carried or rolled using the wheels.

Some racks can change the height – for example, lower it below to play with children.

What are the ball sizes and materials

Basketball ball is shaped round. Its classic look is orange with black stripes.

The size of the ball depends on who will play basketball. The largest balls are size 7. Their weight is 650 g, the circumference is 78 cm. There are smaller models – size 6. For children, they buy balls of 5 sizes.

Basketballs are made of rubber, synthetics, or composite synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is tougher than the rest. Leather balls are usually purchased for the gym.

It is important to pump up the ball well – so that it can be pressed with a finger up to 3-5 mm. If the finger drowns harder, then the ball passes air. When the ball is pumped over, “bumps” may form on it, that is, it will no longer be round in shape.

What should be the basket

A basketball basket is a metal ring with a net into which the ball is thrown.

The minimum diameter of the ring should be 45 cm, and the maximum – 45.7 cm.

The basket ring must be strong. The diameter of the metal tube is not less than 16 mm and not more than 20 mm.

There are grid mounts on the ring. They should be free of sharp edges and crevices so that players do not scratch their hands in contact with the ring.

The ring must be mounted on the flap horizontally at a height of 3.05 meters from the floor. It should be centered.

There should be 12 loops on the grid – to fix it on the ring.

The mesh length is 40–45 cm. It is made of a tough white cord. For playing on the street sometimes use a chain.

What accessories to buy

For playing basketball and for competitions, you will additionally need a stopwatch, scoreboard, equipment for the signal and foul indicators.

The judge must have a stopwatch in order to count the exact time of periods and breaks.

When the period of the game ends, you need to notify everyone of this with a sound signal. Sound should be heard throughout the room.

The score is displayed on the scoreboard. It should be so large that all players and spectators see it.

At competitions, the referee or scorer must have foul cards – plates with numbers that indicate comments to players.

What you need to play basketball

  1. Basketball backboards are attached to a pole, wall or rack. Racks for shields are placed on the floor or ground, but there are also mobile models.
  2. The basketball ball is round, orange with black accents. There are several sizes – depending on who will play.
  3. Basketball basket consists of a metal ring and a net of a rigid white cord or chain. Its diameter is 45–45.7 cm.
  4. For the competition you will need additional equipment – a stopwatch, scoreboard, equipment for the signal and foul indicators.

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