Samsung Galaxy Note 10

When you buy a phone for almost INR 70,000 you expect it to be good at everything. Particularly high demands are placed on flagship models. They must be perfect. Not so long ago, just such a flagship came to us – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung offers a choice of two flagships: Note 10 and Note 10+. They differ in price and screen size. We were wondering how the “younger” version is. We will tell you about my impressions.

Compact and comfortable in the hand

Note 10 lightweight – weighs 168 grams. The display is rather big – 6.3 inches. The smartphone does not have frames, so the diagonal of the screen almost corresponds to the diagonal of the case.

We liked the small size of the device: the smartphone lies well in the hand, it’s convenient to operate it. A fingerprint scanner is built into the screen, so you can unlock the gadget with one touch.

Three colors of the back panel are available: black, red and aura – a kind of silver chameleon. It looks a little acidic and not everyone will like it. Black – official, red – for those who love bright design.

Note 10 is a pleasure to hold in your hands, and the combination of the red back panel and black display looks stylish.  The size of the smartphone is slightly larger than a regular ballpoint pen
Note 10 is a pleasure to hold in your hands, and the combination of the redback panel and black display looks stylish. The size of the smartphone is slightly larger than a regular ballpoint pen

Note 10: The screen reproduces colors perfectly

Traditional for many Samsung models, the AMOLED screen with rounded edges, as promised, is pleasing to the eye. The manufacturer notes that AMOLED is not simple, but dynamic: its color volume is one hundred percent, and the colors remain bright regardless of ambient lighting. This is true: the color reproduction is excellent, the resolution FullHD + 2280 × 1080 transmits a picture of excellent quality.

There is no spoken speaker – a resonating display instead. This, by the way, is the first of small nitpicking to a smartphone: when answering a call, We did not seem to always get our ear to the sound source, and the interlocutor’s speech was muffled. A week later, we got used to it and brought the phone in the correct position.

Note 10: Productive, holds charge well and charges quickly

Note 10 boasts power – the highest among Samsung models. RAM – a decent 8 GB. Together with the eight-core processor Exynos 9825 provides excellent performance.

The smartphone will cope with any games, imprisoned for multitasking. During the testing process, We installed dozens of demanding applications, and the performance always remained at a high level.

The built-in memory of the smartphone will be enough to store a large amount of information, photos, and videos. It even seems to us that 256 GB is a lot: all photos can be stored in the cloud and not clog the smartphone’s memory. At the same time, Samsung does not limit the user in the possibilities of expanding the already considerable amount of memory: in the slot for the second SIM card, you can optionally insert a microSD memory card.

The battery capacity is 3500 mAh. During the night, the phone discharges by only 4 percent, while watching a two-hour movie – by 10 percent. The charge is not bad, and we have a fully charged battery for the whole day. Thanks to the fast charging, the Note 10 can charge from 10 percent to 100 in an hour or so. It is very convenient if you are used to using your smartphone actively.

Note 10: Equipped with a stylus and can recognize handwritten text

The main feature of this model is the stylus. True, no one calls it a stylus now – this is an electronic S-pen. It is located in the smartphone’s case and is reached from the bottom by a light click until it clicks.

The electronic pen is a new approach to smartphone management. There is a button on the pen that allows you to perform many actions without touching the screen. For example, you can flip through photos or adjust the volume of music. A cool solution is camera control. Using the pen, you can change the main camera to the front, turn on the zoom and just take a picture – no more self-timer.

The pen also copes with writing text perfectly. As soon as you remove the pen from the smartphone, a note field appears on the screen, even when locked. Everything written can be crossed out, emphasized circled – in general, edited. The best part is that Note 10 can convert what is written with an electronic pen into typed text. The smartphone accurately recognized even our clumsy handwriting. Note 10+ is better for fans of handwriting, but a simple “ten” would be a good choice. The pen allows you to control your smartphone without touching the screen

Note 10: Three main cameras make great shots

We first decided to test the capabilities of the camera during the day in good light, to immediately see a perfect quality. In sunlight, the photos were clear, rich, with excellent detail. No worse quality was in the pictures that we took in cloudy weather and indoors.

In the dark, a little “noise” appears in the photographs. However, if you get a little used to the camera settings, you can achieve very good quality.

Note 10 shoots video in 4K. Equipped with an optical and digital stabilizer, which allows you to make smooth videos. Even during night video, the camera maintains adequate color reproduction with a minimum of “noise”.

In good light, photos are especially good - even a cat would appreciate
In good light, photos are especially good – even a cat would appreciate

Note 10: Protected against moisture and dust

Note 10 is not afraid of dust and moisture. IP68 protection allows the device to work even when immersed in water to a depth of not more than one meter. A nice addition for those who are not very careful with smartphones.

What We liked about Note 10

  1. Multifunctional: you can work, play, watch videos, and even do it all in parallel. Suitable for those who need gadgets for work or study, and those who just like to sit on social networks.
  2. Supports remote control with S-pen.
  3. Able to convert handwritten text to print.
  4. Productive: Cope with the most demanding applications or games.
  5. It holds a charge well and charges quickly: in an hour or so, it can charge up to 100 percent from 10 percent.
  6. Equipped with three cameras and makes great shots.
  7. Small but with a big screen. Comfortably lies in a hand.

What you should pay attention to

  1. Price. It seems a little overpriced to us.
  2. There is no conversational dynamics – you need to get used to it.
  3. Fingerprints remain on the rear panel.

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