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What facial devices can be used at home

Home hardware cosmetology is the effect on the skin with the help of special devices that help rejuvenate it and improve its condition. To use them, you do not need any special skills, it is only important to remember contraindications. Before buying and using facial devices, you need to consult a specialist: they will examine the condition of the skin and advise on suitable cosmetic procedures for home use.

Devices for face care are mainly intended for smoothing wrinkles, massage, cleansing, peeling and lifting. They work on different technologies and are suitable for different skin types.

What to consider when choosing facial devices

To organize home hardware facial skin care, first you need to pay attention to three parameters:

Age : young skin requires minimal care and regular cleansing. With the first signs of aging, additional hardware procedures are needed: intensive moisturizing, peeling, lifting and others.

Skin type : For normal and oily skin types, fairly intensive procedures can be applied. Combined or prone to dry skin requires a more delicate approach.

Season : in winter, the skin needs intensive hydration, and in the summer it is more important to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate.

Devices for face care

What is the principle of work

Home skin care devices have different operating principles: microcurrents, ultrasound, vacuum, darsonvalization.

Microcurrent devices for Galvano therapy act on small blood vessels in the skin using a weak direct current. With microcurrents, oxygen, anti-aging and nutritional components from cosmetics penetrate deeper into the skin. At the same time, the muscles of the face are strengthened, the oval of the face is tightened, the aging processes are slowed down. Microcurrents can be used to correct the face, neck, and décolleté.

Ultrasound provides gentle massage and cleansing, eliminates dead skin cells and evens out the surface of the skin. Ultrasonic devices are effective against acne and blackheads, adequately replace salon peeling, but they can be used no more than two to three times a week. The procedure eliminates signs of hyperpigmentation. Ultrasonic massage helps to cope with age-related changes, gives a lifting effect.

Vacuum devices are used to clean the face: they quickly remove sebaceous plugs, have lymphatic drainage and massage effects. Based on the method of creating negative pressure inside the drainage tube. During vacuum cleaning, you must strictly follow the instructions and do not exceed the recommended frequency of sessions.

Darsonvalization – exposure to the skin with weak alternating currents with high frequency and voltage. Small discharges activate blood circulation, remove excess fluid from tissues – the skin condition improves.

RF lifting devices work due to electromagnetic impulses, therefore they stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, provide a powerful anti-aging effect and skin tightening.

Devices for LED phototherapy are effective due to the spectrum of light exposure, which is close to ultraviolet. They rejuvenate and have beneficial effects on the skin, which is prone to oily. They may look like special masks for light therapy that effectively fight acne, redness and acne.

What massagers can I use at home

Ultrasonic  – for tightening the skin of the face, smoothing wrinkles, eliminating puffiness. They help to remove bumps, scars, narrow enlarged pores and moisturize the skin. Ultrasound promotes the penetration of the active components of cosmetics – serums and concentrates – into the deeper layers of the skin for long-term nutrition and hydration. This is called phonophoresis .

Electroplated  – for detoxification of the skin and its cleansing. Helps to hold cosmetic ingredients deeper into skin cells. This procedure is the prevention of age-related skin changes, with the help of it you can cope with wrinkles and sagging, improve complexion.

Microcurrent  – for the prevention of muscle sagging and the so-called non-surgical facelift. They help reduce facial wrinkles and relax facial muscles. Provide lymphatic drainage effect to remove excess fluid from tissues and eliminate edema.

Radio wave (RF) is an alternative to a circular facelift: provide intensive skin lifting, smooth wrinkles, for example in the area of ​​nasolabial folds. They help to form a clear oval of the face, corrects the neck and chin.

How are ultrasonic devices for facial cleansing

Ultrasonic face cleaners are small devices that fit in your hand. On the body – buttons for adjusting the power of ultrasound. At the end there is a nozzle in the form of a curved metal blade with corners that comes into contact with the skin.

Ultrasound is transmitted through the scapula deep under the skin, which pushes pollution, sebaceous plugs, and the remains of cosmetics from the pores. A special lotion is also applied to the skin, in which “microjets” appear: the bonds between dying cells on the surface are weakened and they are removed. Over time, the skin becomes smooth, the pores are narrowed, there are fewer acne, blackheads and comedones – black dots.

For ultrasonic face cleansing

How face brushes work

The most popular type of home appliance is silicone brushes with oscillating bristles or brushings – rotating nylon brushes with bristles about 10 mm long.

The quick movement of the bristles gently and deeply cleanses the skin, removes makeup, cleanses pores and gently peels. This is much more effective than regular hand or sponge washing. Reduces the consumption of gels and foam, you can abandon mechanical scrubs. In combination with ultrasonic vibration, the brushes make a soft and relaxing facial massage, help smooth out wrinkles.

Brushes and brushings are not always suitable for dry and sensitive skin – they can provoke acne and damage to capillaries. But the dense, combination and oily skin will make smooth and rid of comedones.

What to consider when choosing devices for the face

The higher the power, the more intense the impact, but an indicator in the range of 0.5−2 W / sq. cm for a home appliance is enough. For ultrasonic devices, an effective oscillation frequency of at least 20–25 kHz.

It is important that the device has different modes for different areas of the face. Bristling bristles should be soft enough so as not to injure the skin.

If the device has interchangeable nozzles and filters, it is worth finding out how easy they are to buy. It is better to choose devices without filters: after a few years, it will be difficult to find them if the gadget is removed from production.

Weight and size affect usability. If your hands get tired, it will be difficult to conduct a quality procedure. The material of the case must be hygienic so that it can be easily cleaned, and the device itself should fit well in the hand. An anti-slip coating and waterproof housing are desirable, especially on appliances for daily use.

Devices differ in the way of power supply: from the mains, with a battery. Autonomous devices with built-in batteries are more comfortable and more mobile than wired ones.

Regardless of the type of instrument, it must be certified: devices of unknown origin can worsen skin condition.

How often to use facial devices

Beauticians recommend ultrasonic peeling once a week if the skin is oily or contaminated.

With increased fat content, the brush can be used twice a day – in the morning and in the evening, with normal production of sebum – in the morning or in the evening. With increased dryness and sensitivity, two to three neat procedures per week are sufficient.

Phonophoresis and micromassage should be done daily or every other day in courses of two to three times a year for 10-15 procedures, and then maintain the result once or twice a week.

Gels for ultrasonic massage

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