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What you need to know about mouse and keyboard sets

Wireless sets of mice and keyboards will make it more convenient to work not only at the computer. Devices can be connected, for example, to a media center or game console.

I work as a technical specialist in a company selling computer equipment, so I know about the features of various devices. I’ll tell you how the sets of keyboards and mice differ from conventional devices and how to choose the appropriate kit.

Than a set is better than separate devices

By functionality, the keyboard and mouse from the sets do not differ from their counterparts, which are sold separately. Despite this, kits have their advantages.

Most mice and keyboards in sets are lighter and more compact than their independent counterparts. For wireless devices, the kit means one hundred percent compatibility: they do not interfere with each other when connected to a computer via a radio channel or Bluetooth. To connect via the kit’s radio channel, you only need one adapter. If you connect devices separately, you need two adapters.

It is worth noting that the kits allow you to save money: each of the devices costs about half as much as a separate one.

Sets of wireless mice and keyboards will especially appeal to those who follow the look of their desk. The devices will completely match each other in design, and the wires will not take up space.MiceKeyboards

What sets are

All sets can be divided into three large groups: for working at a computer, with a media center and for games. All of them vary in features, design and price.

Computer kits are not very expensive. Includes a mouse and keyboard. Wireless connect to a computer or laptop via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. They work most often from ordinary batteries or removable batteries with recharging function. They cost an average of 2000 ₽. You can find cheaper options: for example, Logitech Wireless Combo MK220 costs about 1000 ₽. The more expensive the kit, the more additional features it has: additional keys, the function of endless scrolling of the mouse wheel, gesture control and others.

Kits  for games are more functional. They install special game sensors that respond better to sudden mouse movements. In addition, they have a faster wireless connection and, accordingly, a faster response – about one millisecond. Game sets are equipped with more wear-resistant components, such as mechanical switches. This allows them to withstand the game load.

Multimedia kits are released specifically for managing media systems. These mice and keyboards are very light and compact, easily fit on a coffee table or TV stand. The keyboards in such sets resemble the keyboards of ultra-compact laptops: the keys are flat and densely arranged. Supplemented with special keys to control the media: play and pause, quickly adjust the sound and brightness.

Which is better, wireless or wired devices

Six to eight years ago, wireless devices were inferior to wired devices: they quickly discharged, worked slowly, and did not give a quick response. Now a high-quality wireless kit is in no way inferior to wired counterparts.

We can’t say unequivocally that wireless devices are better than wired ones. It all depends on the user’s tasks. Before buying, you should understand which kit – with or without wires – is more suitable for you.

If you are not moving away from a stationary computer, and you have a lot of space on the table, you can buy a high-quality wired kit. If you do not like wires and work not only at the table, it is better to give preference to a wireless model.

The weak side of wireless devices is the backlight. The fact is that various lighting effects quickly drain the battery. If you are a fan of various backlights, you definitely need wired devices.

Wireless over the air has its drawbacks. The devices operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz – the same one that most routers work on. Because of this, interference occurs: signals from different devices overlap each other, which leads to a deterioration in the quality of work. The interference is insignificant, and during normal work at the computer they are unlikely to be annoying, but during games it can become a problem. For one hundred percent operation under conditions of such a load, it is better to choose a wired kit.

Which type of connection to choose, radio or Bluetooth

A mouse and keyboard can be connected to a computer or media center via a 2.5 GHz radio channel or Bluetooth.

A 2.4 GHz radio channel is faster and slightly less energy-efficient. Requires a USB transmitter – a small adapter that needs to be inserted into a computer, laptop or media system.

Bluetooth is less fast, more energy efficient, and does not require a transmitter. Most often used in tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

Some sets may use both types of connection. They allow you to connect to different devices and switch between them directly during operation with the click of a button. These are universal devices. If you need a complete set of features, it is better to buy just such.

What to look for when choosing a mouse and keyboard

When choosing a mouse, you need to pay attention to its size. If you plan to work only at a computer table, it is better to choose a large mouse, if you want to carry with you a small one.

If you need additional features, you should choose a mouse with side buttons. They can be assigned separate functions for ease of work in many programs. A horizontal scroll wheel and media player control buttons can also come in handy: play, pause, rewind, adjust sound.

It is important to consider the type of food. Usually choose between built-in battery and replaceable batteries. The battery will have to be constantly recharged, so you do not have to rely on a long battery life. Batteries will provide much greater autonomy, but they will need to be replaced regularly. If you spend about five hours a day at a computer or laptop, you can buy a rechargeable model. If more than five hours – or a battery-powered model, or a model with increased battery capacity.THE BASICSHow to choose a home computer

When choosing a keyboard, it is worth considering the pressing mechanism. There are three of them: membrane, scissor and mechanical. The quietest, cheapest and most versatile – membrane. The most expensive, reliable, tactilely pleasant and loud – mechanical. Scissor – a borderline option that is liked by the vast majority of users.

Keyboard size also matters. For working with documents and tables or for games, it is better to choose an ergonomic full-format option. If you need a keyboard for multimedia, you can choose a compact model.

What you need to know about mouse and keyboard sets

  1. There are three types: for standard work on a laptop or computer, gaming and for managing media systems. They differ in functionality. You need to select based on the tasks.
  2. They can be wired and wireless. Wired do not depend on batteries or accumulator, provide stable connection and fast response. With wireless, the response may be slower, and the devices themselves need to be recharged periodically or batteries replaced in them. If the kit is needed for stationary operation, both types are suitable, but it will be more comfortable with wired devices. If you value mobility, it’s best to choose a wireless kit.
  3. Wireless devices can have different types of connection: via radio and Bluetooth. It is better to choose universal devices with two types of connection.
  4. Mice and keyboards differ in size and additional features. For stationary work, it is better to choose full-size devices with a set of additional buttons. If you need mobility, you should pay attention to compact models.
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