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How to choose a display or touchscreen for a smartphone

The most common smartphone failure is a broken screen. Repair is quite expensive, including due to the high price of interchangeable displays. Despite this, replacing the broken glass is still cheaper than buying a new smartphone.

We explain how the display differs from the touchscreen or protective glass and tells how to choose the right part for your smartphone.

Find out which part is needed

Smartphone screens consist of several layers. Layers may vary depending on the type of screen. There are two most popular types of screens: IPS and OLED.

IPS screens consist of a backlight, a polarizer, a layer of liquid crystals, a color filter, another polarizer, a touchscreen, and protective glass.

OLED screens have a similar design, but no backlight, liquid crystals, or color filters. Instead, a matrix of millions of small bulbs is installed in screens of this type.

All layers together is a display module. Often when the screen breaks, they replace the entire module, but sometimes it is enough to replace only one part of it.

For example, IPS-screens often burn out the backlight. Because of this, the light may appear on the screen or it may completely stop highlighting. If all other parts of the module are in order, replace only the backlight.

If the smartphone stops responding to touch, you need to replace the touchscreen. It should be borne in mind that many modern smartphones touchscreen and glass are a single whole. Therefore, even if the touchscreen is in order and the glass is broken, both parts will have to be replaced.

Before buying a part, you should find out what exactly is out of order and what type of screen your smartphone has. The easiest way to do this is in a service center or workshop. If you are confident in your abilities, you can try to diagnose the failure yourself. Here you can help the video instructions and technical documents of the device.

Select by smartphone model

Any detail – a touchscreen, glass or the entire display module – is released for a specific smartphone model. That is why the search should begin with the refinement of the model of your device. Further, in any online store in the search bar you just need to enter the name of the desired part and model of the smartphone. So you will find a list of all available spare parts.

When buying, it is worthwhile to clarify whether the item is exactly suitable for your gadget. It is also important to read reviews about the online store and the details that you are going to order. Reviews will help you choose a reliable seller and the best quality item.

Choose between original and compatible part

When repairing any equipment, it is better to choose original parts from the manufacturer of your smartphone. True, the displays are not so simple: many brands, such as Apple and Samsung, simply do not allow the free sale of their parts. You can find original spare parts of these companies only in authorized centers.

If you are not ready to contact the center and give the smartphone there for repair, you will have to choose between different compatible parts. The main problem of non-original spare parts is that their quality cannot be predicted. So, due to the installation of a low-quality display module, color rendering and brightness defects may appear, and the touchscreen may not work correctly.

Experts recommend avoiding too cheap compatible parts. Despite the fact that even a high price does not guarantee the perfect quality when buying a more expensive part, the risk of getting a low-quality fake is lower.

If you want to be sure of the quality of the part, it is better to contact a service center. There, they will not only pick up the necessary spare part but also repair the smartphone in accordance with all the rules and in good conditions. Self-repair can result in serious breakdowns: most often, screen repair requires special equipment, so it’s easy to damage the device at home.

How to choose a display or touchscreen for a smartphone

  1. Find out the cause of the breakdown and determine the type of part. Sometimes you need to buy a whole display model, sometimes just a backlight or a touchscreen with glass.
  2. Make sure that you remember the model of the smartphone correctly, or find out the name of the model. All parts are released for certain models, so even for devices that are similar in appearance, you need different touchscreens and displays.
  3. Contact a service center if you need an original part. If you are ready to buy a compatible one, find the best option in the online store by reviews.
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