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The brand was established in 2014, by Karishma Kristina Singh. With a keen eye for color, illustration, and design, K.Kristina was the perfect way to express her vision and love for fashion. She individually drafted and hand sewed her first collection - Hate To Grow Up, which still remains a common favorite.

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About us
12 Feb 2019

Minimalism, white and a perfect balance of colour.

K.Kristina designs prêt clothing with a unique twist. Tiny details are incorporated into all our clothes, which bring out an element of surprise. Each collection is inspired by life’s simple pleasures and the happy sights we see around us. 

Our inspiration translates into illustrations which is our favourite part of the design process. Select illustrations are turned into custom digital prints, which connect to the theme of each collection. These prints cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Making our pieces 100% exclusive.

All our garments are unique and produced in limited quantities to achieve better quality. Attention to detail and finishing are two very key aspects that...

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